Best 20 Business Schools in the World 2018

A new ranking released by the newspaper “The Financial Times” points to Swiss IMD as the best business school in the “open programs” category. The institution, which is also the best in terms of “teaching methodology”, has been at the top of this list since 2012.

The 2nd and 3rd places were also occupied by schools that had the same respective classifications in 2016: the Spanish IESE Business School and the North American Harvard Business School.

To elaborate the survey, the FT evaluates more than 15 factors, such as teaching methodology, quality of teachers, physical facilities, quality and diversity of the student body and proportion of foreign students.

The best ranked Brazilian school in the ranking was the Dom Cabral Foundation, which won 15th place. Last year, she ranked 17th. The only other national institution that is also on the list is Insper, which ranked 54th in both 2017 and 2016.

For Jean-François Manzoni, president of the school that won the first place, the repetition of the result for the 6th consecutive time reflects the mission of the institution. “IMD’s continued presence at the top of the ranks is a testament to our ongoing effort to create real learning and real impact through the development of leaders,” he says in a statement.

IESE Business School, which ranks 2nd in the ranking of open programs and in 1st place in the list of bespoke programs, points out that it was the institution that came closest to absolute leadership in both rankings since the survey was created in 1999.

“We believe that developing leaders involves combining these elements: a high level of personalization that incorporates the latest academic and technological innovations, the knowledge and research of teachers highly involved in student and business learning, and a truly global experience,” says notes Mireia Rius, associate director of IESE.

Fontainebleau, France
2006 Rank: 6
Tuition and Fees: $78,000
Applicants Accepted: NA
Median Pay (pre-MBA/post-MBA in $ Thousands): 75.0/121.0
In Brief: The one-year program is intense, but the international student body makes it worthwhile.
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