What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an admission test required by most business schools in the United States and Europe. More than 1,500 MBA programs in more than 80 countries use GMAT scores as a step in their student selection processes. The GMAT is valid also in some masters in Finance, Public Policy, International Relations, among others. The exam is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council and is conducted in approximately 110 countries.

For this, the candidate who wants a place in a top school, needs to prepare. “People study on average 4-5 months to get a competitive score. They arrive at the test having already done several simulated exams. My recommendation is never to face this open chest test, even if you are good at English and math, because you have to know the basics and do the preparation, “explains Ricardo Betti of the MBA business.

In order to prepare, the ideal is for the student to make a simulated diagnosis to evaluate his level in the examination and then to make a study plan according to the points that needs improving. The next step is to seek guidance with specialized consultants, on courses or study alone with books and websites on the subject. Another step is to register at www.mba.com , to perform simulations and to learn more about the race.

How the Exam Works
The test, contrary to what most people believe, does not test any specific business knowledge. What the GMAT seeks is what is often called “mental intelligence” and the ability to make decisions under time pressure.

Unlike a conventional test, GMAT is a kind of “interactive” test. As it is performed in a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) format, the test allows the level of questions to differ depending on the candidate’s performance. That is, if you start the test well, there are more complex issues that are worth more points.

The test costs 250 dollars, has a total duration of 3 hours and 30 minutes and is applied by authorized centers. You can not do more than five tests in the 12-month period. In Brazil there are five such centers, check HERE where to take the test. The GMAT is divided into four sections that measure math skills, data analysis, verbal and analytical reading and writing skills.

To see if your exam score is competitive or not, you should know what the average and general range of the candidates for the university you are applying for is. The average is the sum of all candidates’ scores, divided by the total number of candidates. To calculate the range, the top ten grades and the ten lowest grades are excluded, and the average of the candidates who are not among the top ten or the worst ten is calculated. “For your note to be competitive, it must be at least within that range of the range. But remember that the GMAT score is not decisive, because the process involves other stages, “explains an GMAT specialist.

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