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Law School Application Timeline

Pulling the different pieces of the application together requires you to be on top of things from the beginning. The timeline below indicates what you need to be tracking throughout the application process, and when you need to complete the various components to respect the first or second round deadlines. As you prepare your application to business school, pay particular attention to the elements of the application on which you can still have an impact.


Register for the June LSAT. Don't miss the deadline. Begin your preparation (in a course or independently) if you haven't already. Stop procrastinating. Prepare for the LSAT. It can take  between 1 and 6 months to prep, depending on your initial level.


Take the LSAT. You want to take the test just once-for your own sanity as well as for admissions purposes. If you take it twice, some law schools will consider just your highest score, but others will average them. At the very least, schools will see both. Your best bet is to take it once, do well, and get it out of your hair forever.


Register for LSDAS. Start researching law schools. Request application from your schools of interest. Visit school websites.


Define your goals and objectives for doing a law degree; Brainstorm on your essays and determine your achievements, strengths and weaknesses.


Seek recommenders. Discuss your application and remind them of your achievements, provide them with a draft of your application as a guide for consistency, establish clear and reasonable deadlines for completion , and give them a call after three or four weeks to find out how the letters are progressing.


Request your undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Allow at east two months.


Take the LSAT (and TOEFL, if applicable) not later than October if you apply for first round. Also, have LSAT scores sent to the schools.


Complete your essays. Have friends and colleagues whose opinions you value re-read for an honest evaluation. You can also consider working with a professional admission counselor to sharpen the focus of your work.

November to January

Mail all completed applications or submit your application online. If by postal mail, allow time to arrive by the school deadline (postmarks don't count) and keep photocopies for your records (for interview).

The bottom line, prepare early, and be well organized. The earlier you complete your application the better your chances of admission.


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