Alexandria, Tennessee Weather by Month

Alexandria, Tennessee is a charming city nestled in the southeastern region of the United States. Located in DeKalb County, Tennessee, Alexandria sits amidst the picturesque landscape of the Cumberland Plateau. Positioned approximately 50 miles east of Nashville, the state capital, Alexandria enjoys a central location within Tennessee. The city is bordered by the towns of Liberty to the north, Dowelltown to the east, and Watertown to the south.

Geographically, Alexandria is characterized by its rolling hills, lush forests, and serene countryside. The city spans an area of approximately 1.7 square miles, offering residents and visitors alike ample space to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The population of Alexandria stands at around 1,000 residents, contributing to its tight-knit community atmosphere.

While Alexandria may be a small town, it boasts the presence of the prestigious Tennessee Technological University, located just a short drive away in Cookeville. Tennessee Tech is renowned for its engineering, business, and agriculture programs, attracting students from across the state and beyond.

Among the notable landmarks in Alexandria is the historic Alexandria Public Square, which serves as the heart of the city. This quaint square features a collection of charming shops, restaurants, and historic buildings, offering visitors a glimpse into the city’s rich past. Additionally, the nearby Center Hill Lake provides opportunities for outdoor recreation, including fishing, boating, and hiking.

In terms of climate, Alexandria experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot summers, mild winters, and ample precipitation throughout the year. The city enjoys four distinct seasons, each offering its own unique charm and opportunities for outdoor activities.

Climate and Weather Overview

The climate in Alexandria is influenced by its location in the southeastern United States, with hot and humid summers and mild winters. Precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year, with occasional fluctuations in temperature and weather patterns.

Average Climate Data

Month Average Temperature (°F) Precipitation (inches) Sunny Days
January 41 4.5 6
February 45 4.1 7
March 53 5.2 8
April 62 4.8 8
May 71 4.7 9
June 79 4.2 10
July 83 4.3 11
August 82 3.7 10
September 76 3.7 9
October 64 3.1 8
November 53 4.3 7
December 45 4.8 6

Weather by Month


January in Alexandria brings chilly temperatures, with average highs in the low 40s Fahrenheit. Occasional snowfall and freezing rain are not uncommon during this month, making it important for residents and visitors to bundle up warmly. Outdoor activities such as ice skating and sledding are popular during this time, offering a chance to embrace the winter weather.


February continues the trend of cool temperatures, with average highs in the mid-40s Fahrenheit. While snowfall may still occur, the weather begins to transition towards milder conditions as spring approaches. Indoor activities such as visiting museums or attending local events are ideal during this time, providing opportunities for entertainment while staying warm.


March marks the beginning of spring in Alexandria, with temperatures gradually warming up into the 50s Fahrenheit. Rain showers become more frequent during this month, contributing to the lush greenery and blooming flowers across the city. Outdoor activities such as hiking and picnicking are popular as nature comes to life once again.


April brings mild temperatures to Alexandria, with average highs reaching the low 60s Fahrenheit. Spring is in full swing, with colorful blossoms adorning the city streets and parks. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as cycling and birdwatching amidst the pleasant weather conditions.


May heralds the arrival of warmer temperatures in Alexandria, with average highs climbing into the low 70s Fahrenheit. The city experiences an increase in sunshine and fewer rainy days, making it ideal for outdoor pursuits such as fishing and kayaking on Center Hill Lake. Additionally, the Memorial Day weekend offers opportunities for community gatherings and outdoor events.


June brings the onset of summer in Alexandria, with average highs reaching the upper 70s Fahrenheit. The longer days and warmer temperatures encourage residents and visitors to spend time outdoors, whether it’s lounging by the lake or attending outdoor concerts and festivals. However, it’s important to stay hydrated and protected from the sun’s rays during this time.


July is characterized by hot and humid weather in Alexandria, with average highs in the low 80s Fahrenheit. Summer activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing are popular ways to beat the heat and enjoy the refreshing waters of Center Hill Lake. Evening cookouts and fireworks displays are also common as the community celebrates Independence Day.


August continues the trend of hot and humid conditions in Alexandria, with average highs remaining in the low 80s Fahrenheit. While outdoor activities can still be enjoyed, it’s important to take precautions against the heat, such as staying hydrated and seeking shade when necessary. Indoor activities such as visiting air-conditioned museums or enjoying a movie night offer respite from the summer heat.


September brings relief from the summer heat as temperatures begin to moderate in Alexandria, with average highs in the mid-70s Fahrenheit. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the comfortable weather to explore the city’s parks and hiking trails, admiring the changing colors of the foliage as fall approaches. Farmers’ markets and fall festivals also provide opportunities to sample local produce and crafts.


October welcomes the arrival of fall in Alexandria, with cooler temperatures and vibrant foliage painting the landscape. Average highs dip into the mid-60s Fahrenheit, creating perfect conditions for outdoor activities such as apple picking and scenic drives through the countryside. Halloween festivities and pumpkin patches add to the seasonal charm of the city.


November brings crisp temperatures and the gradual transition into winter in Alexandria, with average highs in the low 50s Fahrenheit. While outdoor activities may be limited due to cooler weather, residents can still enjoy leisurely walks amidst the falling leaves or cozy evenings by the fireplace. Thanksgiving gatherings and harvest festivals provide opportunities for community togetherness and celebration.


December heralds the arrival of winter in Alexandria, with chilly temperatures and occasional snowfall adding to the festive atmosphere. Average highs hover in the mid-40s Fahrenheit, prompting residents to bundle up warmly for outdoor activities such as ice skating and holiday light displays. Indoor activities such as baking cookies and attending holiday concerts offer opportunities to embrace the spirit of the season.

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