Altenburg, Missouri Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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Altenburg, Missouri is a small town located in the southeastern region of the state, bordering both Illinois and Kentucky. It is a quaint and charming rural community that is home to just over 1,000 residents.

The city is bordered by several other towns and cities, including Chester, Illinois to the north; Steeleville, Illinois to the east; Frohna, Missouri to the south; and Perryville, Missouri to the west.

Chester is a vibrant and historic city located on the Mississippi River. It has many attractions for visitors such as art galleries, museums, historic sites, parks, shops and restaurants. In addition – it also hosts a number of annual festivals including the Chester Music Festival in May and the Chester Car Show in September.

Steeleville is a small town located close to Altenburg that features numerous outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hunting. There are also several local wineries where visitors can sample some of Missouri’s finest wines.

Frohna is a rural community located close to Altenburg with plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking trails through Mark Twain National Forest or fishing at nearby Lake Wappapello State Park. It also has several antique stores for visitors to explore!

Perryville is another charming small town located close to Altenburg with plenty of things for visitors to see and do! Popular attractions include historic sites such as Fort D’Aguilar State Historic Site or Perryville Civil War Battlefield; wineries such as Crown Valley Winery & Distillery; and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities like fishing on Big River or exploring nearby Pickle Springs Natural Area.

Overall, – Altenburg is surrounded by several charming towns that offer excellent opportunities for sightseeing and recreational activities! From art galleries in Chester to wineries in Frohna – there’s something for everyone in this area!

Population of Altenburg, Missouri

The population of Altenburg, Missouri is around 1,000 people. The majority of the population is made up of white individuals, making up 87.5% of the population. African Americans make up 8.7%, followed by Asians at 1.7%. Native Americans make up 0.4% and other ethnicities make up 1.7%.

Altenburg has a median age of 41 years old, with 22% of the population being under 18 years old and 13% being over 65 years old. The gender ratio is nearly equal with 50.2% females and 49.8% males in the town’s population.

Altenburg is a rural community that relies heavily on farming for its economy and livelihoods of its citizens; as such, many residents are involved in agricultural activities such as farming or ranching to make a living. Additionally, there are several small businesses in town such as restaurants, shops, gas stations and other services that add to the local economy and provide employment opportunities for residents as well as visitors to Altenburg.

The town also has a high school that serves students from grades 9-12 in the surrounding area; however, many students choose to attend college after finishing high school in order to get more specialized training or further their education before entering the workforce or starting their own business ventures in Altenburg or elsewhere in Missouri or beyond!

Overall, – Altenburg is a small but vibrant rural community located near several other towns in southeastern Missouri that offers plenty of opportunities for both visitors and residents alike! From excellent shopping and dining options to outdoor recreation activities – there’s something for everyone here!

Schools and Education in Altenburg, Missouri

Altenburg, Missouri is home to a number of excellent educational institutions. The town is served by the Altenburg School District, which encompasses the town and the surrounding area and offers students in grades K-12 a quality education. The district has one elementary school that serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade, one middle school for grades six through eight, and one high school for grades nine through twelve. Check topmbadirectory for Missouri MBA schools.

Within the district, there are also several private schools that offer specialized education options for students and families in Altenburg. These include Christian schools as well as Montessori schools that provide an alternative to traditional public school education.

In addition to these schools, Altenburg also has access to higher education opportunities. Just a few miles away in Cape Girardeau is Southeast Missouri State University – a public university with over 10,000 students enrolled across its various educational programs. Additionally, there are several community colleges located nearby that offer vocational training and certifications in various fields such as healthcare and technology.

The state of Missouri also offers many financial aid options to help make college more affordable for residents of Altenburg who wish to pursue higher education after graduating from high school. These include grants and scholarships as well as student loans that can be used to pay tuition costs or other expenses associated with college attendance.

Overall, – Altenburg has a strong educational system with excellent opportunities for students of all ages! From top-tier public schooling options to higher education opportunities – there’s something here for everyone!

Altenburg, Missouri

Places of Interest in Altenburg, Missouri

Altenburg, Missouri is a small town with a rich history and plenty of attractions for visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation, cultural attractions, or simply a relaxing day trip away from the hustle and bustle of city life – Altenburg has something for everyone.

One of the most popular attractions in Altenburg is the Brauerei Beck Brewery. Established in 1876, this family-owned brewery is one of the oldest in Missouri and offers tours that showcase its brewing history as well as samples of its popular beers.

For those looking to explore the outdoors, Altenburg has plenty to offer. The nearby Apple Creek Conservation Area features over 800 acres of woodlands and wetlands along with numerous trails perfect for hiking and exploring. Additionally, there are several lakes located around town that are perfect for swimming, boating, fishing and more!

Cultural attractions in Altenburg include the historic Immanuel Lutheran Church which was built in 1845 and still stands today as a reminder of the area’s German roots. Additionally, the town’s museum houses numerous artifacts from its past including a large collection of photographs from early settlers.

Finally, – Altenburg is home to several annual events throughout the year including an Oktoberfest celebration that brings together local brewers to enjoy live music and sample some delicious brews! Additionally, – there are several festivals held throughout the year such as a Christmas market that celebrates local craftsmen and artisans!

Overall, – Altenburg is full of exciting places to visit that offer something for everyone! From outdoor recreation activities to cultural attractions – there’s something here for everyone!

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