Austrian Cuisine – Tasting Together

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Austrian cuisine is famous for aromatic Viennese coffee, apple strudel and the famous Sacher cake. Connoisseurs of European dishes can definitely note the diversity and harmony of the Austrian national cuisine. The colorfulness of tastes, the richness of aromas of traditional delicacies of this small European country are worthy of the attention of true gourmets.

Features of Austrian cuisine

The national cuisine of Austria is a mixture of the best culinary traditions of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. The influence of neighboring countries has greatly affected the formation of traditional Austrian dishes, which are prepared according to a special recipe in each region.

Want to get to know all the highlights of local edible masterpieces? We recommend going on a gastro tour around the country, and in order not to get lost in the abundance of tasty and satisfying offers, arm yourself with our checklist of what dishes to try in Austria.

What to try in Austria: national dishes

National dishes of Austrian cuisine include a large number of meat products. Austrian sausages paired with local beer are a tasty and satisfying visiting card of a country where cooking and serving options are innumerable. Also popular among the local population and loved by tourists is meat schnitzel and tafelspitz.

Traditional Austrian cuisine offers many flour and chocolate delicacies that will satisfy the sweet tooth. And for guests who strictly monitor calories, you can easily pick up local vegetable salad, soups and fish dishes.

Wiener Schnitzel

Everyone who has been to Vienna will confirm that you should definitely try the Wiener schnitzel in Austria. For its preparation, the most tender meat of a young calf is used, beaten thinly, fried in breading in vegetable oil and pork fat. The skill of local chefs in preparing this meat masterpiece is worthy of the best praise.


Bakhuk – fried chicken or bakhendel (fried chicken) is a great example of how you can easily and tasty cook a unique dish worthy of aristocrats from simple and affordable ingredients. Its peculiarity is that the chicken is fried in breadcrumbs, eggs, a large amount of spices and garlic are used. The photo shows how appetizing Viennese chicken looks with a beautiful golden crust.


As you travel around the country, taste Emperor Franz Josef’s favorite sweet. This dessert is recommended not only by local chefs, but also by foreign gourmets. If you can’t decide what food to try in Austria, choose Kaiserschmarren – a delicate, fragrant, moderately sweet dish that everyone will like.

Apple strudel

The gastronomic symbol of the country is apple strudel. This is a traditional Austrian sweet. The dessert is baked from a thin airy dough, with a rich apple filling, cinnamon, nuts and raisins. The delicacy is served with berries, ice cream or vanilla hot sauce.

The drinks

According to Topschoolsintheusa, Viennese coffee is a popular drink among locals and visitors alike. His recipe necessarily includes powdered sugar, sweet syrup and cream. For children, the Austrians offer milk coffee. Dozens of variations of this drink go well with Austrian desserts.

Refreshing almdudler herbal lemonade and warming herbal yagate, brewed with spiced tea and warm fruit juice, are famous for their rich taste.

But for appetizers and “spicy” sausages, choose Austrian beer and wine.

Prices in cafes and restaurants

It is not difficult to predict how much food costs in Austria in cafes and restaurants – in the center of a tourist city and near popular attractions, lunch will be more expensive than in similar establishments on the outskirts. Also, prices vary depending on the popularity of the institution. The average cost of a breakfast for two is 20 euros, and a full meal in a restaurant costs from 30 euros.

Street food in Austria is fully consistent with the local flavor – a budget tourist can inexpensively order hearty sausages with a side dish, delicious schnitzel and even meat soup. If you want to eat inexpensively in Austria, go to Turkish eateries where you can have a bite to eat for 5 euros.

Food prices in Austria

If the prices for lunch in a cafe are too high, you can save a little by staying in an apartment with a kitchen and cook yourself. At the same time, it is worth considering how much food costs in Austria: the cost can vary greatly in different chain stores and stalls marked “bio”, because fresh farm food is very much appreciated in Austria.

Austrian Cuisine

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