Broadway (New York Avenue)

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Broadway. Broadway Avenue is, along with Fifth Avenue, the most famous street in Manhattan. It is characterized by crossing Times Square, and as a reference point for 43 theaters that make up the “Broadway circuit”.


Broadway is one of the most famous avenues in New York. Between 41st and 53rd streets, it is known both for being the only oblique street that cuts through the center of Manhattan and for the leisure offer it offers. Broadway Avenue starts from City Hall and goes up to the Bronx, crossing hundreds of streets and avenues.

The most important point on Broadway Avenue is Times Square, where it intersects 7th Avenue. Around Times Square is concentrated one of the largest cultural and leisure offerings in the world. Almost 40 theaters offer the best plays and musicals of the moment. See topschoolsintheusa for best high schools in New York.

Theaters, shows and musicals

As its name suggests, Broadway is a large avenue that runs through the entire Manhattan Island, in New York City. It is located in the middle of the theater district, concentrated around Times Square, and has lent its name to several spectacular musical productions known as the Broadway plays. No visit to New York would be complete without attending at least one musical production on Broadway. Of the forty-three, only six of them are physically on Broadway Avenue, and the rest are within a block or two of it. Most of the plays that are presented are musicals.

Outstanding film figures have acted on Broadway, such as Groucho Marx, Charlton Heston, Robert Redford, Orson Welles, Katharine Hepburn, Burt Lancaster, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall and Barbra Streisandamong others. Some of them have even been to Broadway before Hollywood.

Manhattan’s theater district encompasses part of Broadway Avenue, Times Square and 45th Street, whose billboards are usually three types of musicals, depending on the size of the theater and the number of seats:

  • On-Broadway Shows: (Broadway plays), refers to the theaters with greater capacity, they are all those shows located in the Times Square area, super-productions with well-known artists (stars), large capacity and prices per ticket quite high.
  • Off-Broadway Shows: (Off-Broadway plays), of medium capacity, are all those shows that are not located on Broadway Avenue or in the vicinity of the Times Square They tend to be cheaper productions, with limited or very small capacity, but also highly recommended musicals and comedies.
  • Shows Off Off Broadway: (plays off and away from Broadway) presented in smaller theaters.

Musical proposals


Most are musical productions with dazzling sets and dresses, music and dance of the highest quality, requested and established.

  • Chicago: Tells the story of Roxie Hart, a choir girl who kills her lover to advance her career, Billy Flynn, a greedy lawyer who turns Roxie into a celebrity, and Velma Kelly, a dancer with an ear for gossip and with eye for talents.

Ambassador Theater: 219 West 49th Street.

Mamma Mia!

  • Mamma Mia !: A musical with a disco sound, Mamma Mia! with music by the Swedish group ABBA. It takes place on a Greek island where 20-year-old Sophie is ready to get married. His mother, Donna (who was a former singing star) is present, but his father is not as she is not sure who he is. So, Sophie investigates the mother’s diary, selects three former lovers as candidates, and invites them to the wedding, thinking that she will recognize him when she sees them.

Winter Garden Winter Theater: 1634 Broadway

The Lion King

  • The Lion King: It is the story of a young lion named Simba who struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his destined role as king. To bring this classic 1994 film to life, Disney went back to the roots of history, its rich mythology, its powerful human drama and its primitive African rhythms to create a fantastic musical; something Broadway has never seen.

New Amsterdam Theater: 214 West 42nd Street.

The Phantom of the Opera

  • The Phantom of the Opera – A young singer, Christine, is seduced by a mysterious presence that haunts the Parisian Opera. Based on the famous novel by Gaston Leroux, the musical begins with inexplicable accidents at different points in the Parisian Opera, and the diva, Carlota, refuses to continue. Christine takes her place and is a success. On opening night he meets a friend from his childhood, Raoul and then, in his dressing room, he finally finds the ghost who has taught him to sing so beautifully.

Majestic Theater: 245 West 44th Street.


  • ” Shrek “, the Dreamworks musical, based on the hit movies of the sweet green Ogre who conquered the kingdom of “Far Far Away” with his donkey friend and faithful Puss in Boots. Without a doubt a success.
  • “In the Heights” the 2008 Tony Award winner for Best Broadway Musical, dealing with a Latino community in New York. Set with high quality Latin sounds.
  • “Billy Elliot” is another novelty; based on the movie of the same name, which tells the story of a boy discovering his talent for dancing while his friends discover him for boxing.
  • “Hairspray”, the story of a great woman with a great heart who manages to become a great celebrity thanks to a local TV program
  • “Legally Blonde”, which shows how loyalty to self can achieve the unattainable, even in Harvard law school for a blonde obsessed with fashion.
  • “The Little Mermaid”: a story for young and old about how fun life can be at sea or on land, as long as you have a dream love.

Special features

Broadway Theater

From Josephine Baker to Calos Gardel

Broadway has a history linked to the culture of Rosario. It began its activities under the name of “Gran Cine y Variété La Bolsa” in 1927, being at that time the theater with the largest capacity in the city.

In 1929, Josephine Baker performed, the American artist who had conquered the old continent with the sensuality of her art.

Among the Argentine talents that passed through the theater is Carlos Gardel. The “Zorzal Criollo” performed in 1933, when the venue was called Broadway, as did Libertad Lamarque and other tango figures.

The great films in the history of cinema were also in the room, from French cinema in the 1940s to the great Hollywood comedies.

Today, completely renovated, the Broadway Theater, with a capacity for 2,000 spectators, is once again the most important and largest theater in the city of Rosario.

An ideal setting for theater, music, ballet and multidisciplinary events, with a privileged location, since it is located in the heart of the commercial center.

Rejuvenated and resplendent as in its best gala nights, the largest room in the city (recovered for Rosario by the Society of Friends of the Broadway Theater) reopened its doors on November 7, 2002 and its stage for the consideration of a society that, recognized as of cultural origin, knew how to recognize with its support the effort that had to be made to launch an unbeatable space for the dissemination of local, regional, national and international culture.

Broadway Orchestra

In 1962, he arrived from Cuba with his brothers Ruddy and Kelvin to the city of Miami. Later they moved to the “Big Apple” New York in June of the same year, where they had the opportunity to play with Jhonny Pacheco, Lou Perez, Alfredito Valdez (father) and Arcenio Rodriguez, a situation that led to their joining with their brothers. and create the ‘Broadway Orchestra’, and whose name it originated ‘due to the fact that they lived on 135th Street

Broadway car

The Broadway, is a not very common car used by pimps, you can use it to carry out your missions, taking and protecting prostitutes. There is also one parked at the Little Mexico gas station, which is located on the same street as the entrance to the Los Santos airport; This Broadway is a unique color, it is white. Appears only in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The Broadway is inspired by the 1947 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible. It may have hydraulic suspension, like some of those used by the Varrios Los Aztecas. It is not very fast, but if handled well it can be very tough. It is one of the cars that is only modified in the workshop specialized in Lowriders, Loco Low Co.

Hotel Broadway Plaza

Centrally located on Broadway and 27th Street, the Broadway Plaza Hotel will surprise you with its spacious and modern rooms, its comprehensive list of amenities, and the friendly welcome of its staff. Located in the heart of the Chelsea District, close to the Flat Iron District, you will only be minutes from the best attractions in New York: Times Square, The Broadway Theater District, Soho, Greenwich Village, The Empire State Building, the largest store in the world, Macy’s Herald Square, and many other stores on 5th and 6th avenues.

Broadway (New York Avenue)

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