Christmas Movies in the US

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We love films that are set in America and especially at Christmas time classics like “Kevin Home Alone”, “Buddy the Christmas Elf”, “The Grinch” and many more are shown. But what do Americans actually prefer to watch? We asked around and the top ten “Christmas classics” from the USA are listed and scrutinized!

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  • “Merry Christmas”

by director Bob Clark from 1983. “Merry Christmas” is a comedy based on a short story by Jean Shepard, set in the age of 40, and is about the little boy Ralphie, who has the Red Ryder BB Rifle air rifle built in Owns compass, wishes for Christmas.

According to acronymmonster, the film is described as “warm-hearted” and “darkly humorous” and as unusual as Ralphie’s Christmas wish, this film is also just as amusing. Take a look at it and find out what Ralphie’s wish is all about and whether it will be granted!

  • “Rudolph the Red Nose”is a cartoon from 1998.

Who does not know her? The story of Rudolph the reindeer with the red, shining nose? In contrast to the version from 1964, this one has been modernized a little and the story slightly modified, whereby the basic story has of course remained the same.

A wonderful Christmas classic, based on a well-known and wonderful Christmas story, a must-see for the whole family!

  • “A promise is a promise”, a crazy action comedy from 1996 with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Christmas is just around the corner and the Christmas stress is also part of the party. Howard Langston, businessman and family man, has promised his neglected son a Turbo Actionman figure for Christmas. Unfortunately, he forgot that by Christmas Day and then starts looking for the figure that has already been sold out.

Adventurous, chaotic, funny and with a lot of heart.

  • “Isn’t life beautiful?” Is atragic comedy from 1946 by director Frank Chapra.

A wonderful film that goes to the heart. It’s about a man named George Bailey, who on Christmas Eve loses his courage to live and wants to take his own life. To keep him from doing so, an angel is to be sent to him, but unfortunately only the “second class angel” Clarence is on duty. He has an hour before George is ready to put his plan into action. Clarence uses this hour to find out more about George’s life. From then on, the film flashes back to George’s life. Heartfelt and beautiful, George’s life is shown and how everything would have gone without him.

  • “Charles Dickens’ Christmas Story”

This film is “old but gold”, the 1984 classic tells the well-known story of the cold-hearted and stingy Ebenezer Scrooge, to whom the ghosts of previous and future Christmas appear to help him become a better person.

An absolute must-see, without which Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas.

  • “The Peanuts – Merry Christmas”

“Christmas is no longer what it used to be and has lost its true spirit”. This is how Charlie Brown thinks about Christmas. So he decides to perform this year’s nativity play in school, which is more complicated than expected.

The peanuts were and always are a classic for young and old! And every year Charlie Brown enchants us in this film anew, with his unique way.

  • “Kevin home alone”

An 8-year-old boy is forgotten at home by his parents for Christmas and then defends the house against burglars. We can only speak of one film… “Kevin – home alone” – one of the most famous comedies of the 90’s. Pure chaos, lots of humor and worth seeing every year.

“Only 5 minutes left, 99 percent on everything!”


He is green. He’s hairy. Very hairy. He’s in a bad mood and hates Christmas. He tries to steal it and destroy Christmas for everyone. And yet we love the Grinch. We love his sayings, his humor and his story. “The Grinch” is one of the most popular Christmas films and inspires viewers anew every year.

  • “Frosty the Snowman”from 1969.

“Frosty the snowman
was a happy fellow.
His eyes were
coal black and his nose as light as a carrot ”

Frosty is a little snowman who is brought to life by a magic cylinder. But one day the winter weather changes and it starts to thaw. Not particularly good conditions for a snowman. Frosty has to go where it’s always cold… the North Pole! But the way there is arduous and not without risk. But help is coming, from none other than Santa Claus himself! Fun and loving, everyone loves Frosty!

And now one of the absolute top favorites…

  • “Buddy – The Christmas Elf”

Buddy is a person who as a baby is mistakenly taken to the North Pole by Santa Claus and then adopted by a childless elf. He quickly realizes that he is not like the other elves. For example, he’s much bigger than everyone else. One day “Papa Elf” reveals to him that he has adopted and is human and Buddy sets off to New York to find his biological father. But even in New York, Buddy quickly realizes that he is different and is confronted with many obstacles. When Santa Claus is also in trouble, all strength is required to save Christmas. Typically Christmassy – chaotic, imaginative, amusing and indispensable for Christmas.


The fact is, we at The American Dream love Christmas films with a healthy dose of seemingly utter chaos. A bit of kitsch, a pinch of thoughtfulness and a lot of heart, that’s what defines our favorites. We like to lean back on the couch with our favorite blanket, a cocoa, the beloved Christmas sweets and let ourselves be taken by exactly this wonderful mixture of chaos, love and contemplation. And that’s exactly what Christmas is all about and without which Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Film Festival wishes

The American Dream

Christmas Movies in the US

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