Memorial and Museum 9/11, New York

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9/11 Memorial and Museum (New York, USA) — expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website.

One of New York’s most recent and tragic landmarks, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum commemorates those killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers. The memorial and museum form a single two-level complex. On the infamous “ground zero” there are symbolic fountains “Reflection of Absence”, the water in which falls below ground level. Below them is a museum that tells about the history of the shopping center from construction to destruction and about the fate of the people who worked there and their rescuers. See itypetravel for geostatistics of Mississippi.

A bit of history

The story of September 11, 2001, hardly needs to be reminded: planes crashed into the twin towers, and a huge fire broke out in the buildings. Because of this, two 400-meter skyscrapers of 110 floors formed like a house of cards, and buried under the rubble more than 2,700 people. In 2003, a competition was announced for the design of the memorial, and in 2004 the layout was presented to the public. The memorial opened on the anniversary of the tragedy, September 11, 2011; two years later, the 9/11 museum received its first visitors.

Among the exhibits of the museum are 20-meter steel tridents from the base of the North Twin Tower – they are melted down by a monstrous fire.

What to watch

Almost nothing reminds us of the horror of September 9, 2001: the place where the skyscrapers stood has been completely cleared of rubble and levelled. The memorial consists of 2 pools-fountains the size of the base of the towers. A virtuoso engineering solution made it possible to divert waste water below ground level, as if the physical world is falling into the other world. The bottom of the pools is lined with steel sheets that reflect the sky, creating the effect of eternal rest. And on granite slabs around the perimeter, the names of the dead are carved.

The memorial is surrounded by a park of young trees planted in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack.

You can enter the 9/11 Museum through a glass pavilion, from which a staircase leads down: its halls are located completely underground. Going down, you should pay attention to two 20-meter steel tridents laid at the base of the North Twin Tower: they are melted and mangled by fire. Among the exhibits of the museum are a flight of spiral stairs, along which few survivors were able to leave the collapsing building, a fragment of a steel column, which was removed by the latter when clearing the blockage (it is covered with numerous inscriptions of workers and relatives of the victims) and a melted fire engine. And the walls of the In Memoriam hall are completely covered with photographs and the names of the dead.

Practical Information

Address: 180 Greenwich str., New York, Manhattan. Website.

Opening hours: the memorial is available for visiting at any time of the day, the museum is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00, on Friday and Saturday – until 21:00. You can enter the museum no later than 2 hours before closing.

Buy a ticket to the museum online.

Entrance to the memorial is free, to the museum – 26 USD for adults and 15 USD for children under 17 years old. On Tuesdays from 17:00 to 20:00 admission to the museum is free.

Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera (New York, USA) – repertoire, ticket prices, address, phone numbers, official website.

The Metropolitan Opera House is one of the world’s most famous opera houses located in Lincoln Center in the heart of New York. Opened in 1880 in the building of the Broadway Opera House, where it was located right up to 1966, the Metropolitan Opera later moved to the Lincoln Center in Manhattan, where it is located to this day.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, it has been one of the leading opera venues in the world. Artistic directors have always considered it their task to invite world-famous performers, so it is not surprising that such masters of art as Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, Enrico Caruso, Adam Didur, Zinka Milanova and many others performed here at different times.

At the Metropolitan Opera, all works are performed in the original language.

The walls of the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera are painted with frescoes by the famous artist Marc Chagall, and the curtain is decorated with sewing of pure silk and weighs several hundred kilograms.

In addition to the main stage, the Metropolitan Opera has three auxiliary ones, in total the auditorium is designed for 3900 seats. Despite such more than impressive dimensions, the hall is famous for its excellent acoustics. The walls of the lobby are painted with frescoes by the famous artist Marc Chagall, and the curtain is decorated with pure silk embroidery and weighs several hundred kilograms. The opera is literally imbued with the spirit of solemnity and monumentality.

The theater is open from September to April, at which time performances are held every day.

911 Memorial and Museum

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