Sights of Middelburg, Netherlands

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According to TOPBBACOLLEGES.COM, Middelburg is the capital of Zeeland and a popular day trip destination during a holiday in this beautiful province. In the summer months, the city is filled with tourists who want to see the many highlights of the city with their own eyes. In addition, Middelburg is a popular shopping city with nice unique shops, but of course there are also the well-known chain stores. Middelburg has traditionally been a wealthy city that flourished particularly in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The legacy of this is still very noticeable in the city. You will come across beautiful old buildings everywhere that still exude the atmosphere of the golden age. In addition, Middelburg is the perfect base for exploring the other parts of Walcheren and Zeeland.

Top 10 sights of Middelburg

#1. City Hall of Middelburg
The City Hall of Middelburg is an imposing building on the market of the city. Construction started at the end of the fifteenth century and would take about 50 years to complete. The town hall is built in the Gothic style. Twenty-five statues of Zeeland graves and countesses have been placed on the façade. The shutters of the building are very striking because of their red and white painting. The town hall of Middelburg is a popular building with photographers. If you are near the town hall on a sunny day, you will meet at least three or four people who are photographing the building. The inside of the town hall can be visited with a guide.

#2. Middelburg Abbey
The Middelburg Abbey is a former abbey in the center of Middelburg. The oldest parts of the abbey were built in the eleventh century. They were Norbertines from Flanders who settled in Middelburg and founded Middelburg Abbey here. The monks were forced to leave the abbey at the end of the sixteenth century. Since this period, the building has been used for other purposes. For example, the land registry and the Zeeuws archives were housed in the former abbey. Nowadays, a large part of the abbey houses the Zeeuws Museum. The Nieuwe Kerk, the Koorkerk and the Abbey Tower also known as the Lange Jan are part of the abbey complex.

#3. Lange Jan
The Lange Jan is the abbey tower of the former abbey of Middelburg. De Lange Jan is located between the Nieuwe Kerk and the Koorkerk. It is one of the city’s most popular attractions. The tower can be climbed more than two hundred steps take you to a plateau halfway up the tower from where you have a beautiful view over the city, large parts of Walcheren, other Zeeland islands and the Zeeland waters in clear weather. The long jan is open almost daily and can be climbed for a small fee.

#4. Mini Mundi
Mini Mundi is a nice little family park on the edge of Middelburg near the Zeeland entertainment Park. Mini Mundi consists of an indoor and an outdoor playground with some attractions such as a roller coaster, a flying ship and a hot air balloon carousel. The former Miniature Walcheren is part of the family park. In this small town you can find replicas of all famous buildings in Middelburg and the other places on Walcheren. These miniatures used to be made of wood, but nowadays they are made of plastic.

#5. Zeeuws Museum
The Zeeuws Museum is located in the historic center of Middelburg. In the medieval abbey you will discover unexpected features of Zeeland: from archaeological finds and world-famous tapestries to regional costumes, paintings and exotic objects that Zeelanders brought with them from faraway travels. The diverse collection is central to innovative exhibitions that always have a relationship with the here and now.

#6. Middelburg marina
The marina of Middelburg is not even that special, but the history of the port is. Due to the port of Middelburg, which could be navigated via the Sloe, Middelburg grew into one of the most important trading cities of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. Like the VOC and the WIC had an office in Middelburg. Later the city grew into one of the most important cities in the slave trade. A monument on the balance still reminds of this. Much of the wealth from the seventeenth and sixteenth centuries can still be found at the port of Middelburg. On the Rouaanse quay and along the Prins Hendrikdok and the Dam, there are still beautiful old mansions from this period.

#7. Kuiperspoort
The Kuiperspoort in Middelburg is another small piece of perfectly preserved history in the center of the city. The Kuiperspoort is located between the Dam and the Rouaanse quay. It is a narrow street with cobblestones on the ground. The historic buildings here are very close to each other, which means that the Kuiperspoort is only suitable for walking through. The gatehouse dates from the second half of the sixteenth century. This building was bought by the coopers guild in the first half of the seventeenth century. The Kuiperspoort owes its name to this.

#8. Klovenierdoelen
The Klovenierdoelen in Middelburg were originally built as a shooting range for shooters by bus. It is a beautiful building with a beautiful typical Flemish facade. After the gunmen left the building, the building had several functions. Nowadays there is a grand café and a cinema in the building. In the cinema, which has room for about a hundred people, mainly art house films are shown.

#9. Vismarkt
The fish market is a cozy little square in the center of Middelburg. Fish used to be traded on the market, but nowadays book fairs, flea markets and art and craft fairs are regularly held here. In the summer months you can sit on this square on the terrace of Sint John and enjoy their famous frozen yogurt or eat a delicious sandwich.

#10. Oostkerk
The Oostkerk of Middelburg first opened its doors in 1667. The special thing about this church, in addition to its shape, is the fact that the Oostkerk was specifically built for Protestant worship services. Knowing this fact you would expect a very sober church. However, this is not the case as the church is richly decorated with garlands and sculptures. Sculptures of fruits, birds and flowers can be admired in the church. The church has always been in use since its construction, but there is talk that the church will close its doors from 2015.

Middelburg, Netherlands

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