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The stay at UCLA during Session C can best be summarized as follows: we came, we saw… and didn’t want to go home!

Of course, the familiarization phase was also marked by ups and downs. As has already been mentioned several times, the rooms on campus (especially Rieber Hall) are already damn small and spartan – and also not necessarily clinically clean, as are the sanitary facilities in the corridor. As a result, I can only advise you to live “off campus”, if only for the sake of freedom, although the ways to the dining hall and to individual institute buildings are a bit longer. But that’s about it with the negative details. Promised!

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The campus is really huge and beautiful. That’s a good thing, because you spend around 1.5 hours a day walking twice from the dormitory to the courses and back again. In return, you can treat yourself to an extra piece of pizza or one of the delicious chocolate brownies in the dining hall. The UCLA store provides students with everything they need to live – be it food, clothing, computer accessories, books, and common medicines.

Very briefly about the courses. I had “English as a second language – presentation and speech” and was really excited about it. The group size was around 10 people, which means that everyone had enough opportunities to actually speak English. Homework had to be done from hour to hour, but it did not require a great deal of time or skill. In addition, there were no exams, as in other courses, which suited me as a party-oriented one. The same applies to the management course (180), which was attended by Americans and Germans alike. What can I say… no test, no exam and no homework. Note: A. Everything went like clockwork….

And now to the really important things. The party life! The linchpin of social life is clearly the dining hall or the large terrace in front of it, where everyone inevitably runs into each other. The evening program is then planned there – not least because smoking is permitted there.

There are basically two bars near the campus (Malony’s and a Mexican cocktail bar), all around a 25-minute walk from Rieber Hall. There are also shops nearby where you can buy cigarettes. (Just because of the distances, as a smoker you live quite healthy as a result * g *)

If you really want to go away, Hollywood is a good choice. (approx. 10-15 min by taxi) In addition to numerous clubs, for which you have to accept around $ 15 admission and an endless queue, I would also like to recommend the “Rainbow” at this point, which is through rock music and a lot cool and strange characters (bikers, rockers, etc…) and a large open space area (smoking!) is impressive. Entry there is only $ 5 including a free drink.

However, one should keep in mind that the Californian party nights end at 2 a.m. sharp. Then everyone is kicked out of the bars as hard as a rock. Private after parties are popular – preferably in the off-campus apartments, which are not so strictly controlled and offer enough space.

All in all, these six weeks were definitely the best and most eventful of my life. I was certainly able to benefit linguistically – both in English and in Standard German, which as an Austrian is also a bit foreign to me. I still have a close friendship with many of the people I met there, and learning was not neglected either (although I have to admit that I learned more for life than for university, which was also due to the courses I chose ).
I wish everyone who decides to go to UCLA a lot of fun and a good time. You will certainly not regret it!

University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA has everything you could hope for in an American university. A good reputation, a campus that you will encounter in many films, incredible sports facilities and really capable lecturers.

Gordon Klein – Management Accounting:

Very easy going guy with classes mainly made up of case studies which he packs very well rhetorically. The exam can be passed very well with common sense and little preparation.

Hard but fair. The course is extensive and cannot be passed without taking notes (available in the Ackerman Union). I have never seen anyone write on the board at such a pace and whoever wants to think along (highly recommended) cannot copy it off. For the homework (2 pieces) that he gives, you unfortunately have to calculate one day each. But you have done 50% of the exam preparation with it. Good grades are associated with a lot of effort, prior knowledge of micro is a must (monopoly etc. are briefly repeated in the first lesson).


There is everything here! Inquire beforehand, as many courses (e.g. surf course start early) Fitness studio (huge) is 4free. Here you can also rent outdoor equipment (tents, bicycles, etc.).


Off campus, everything else is out of the question, you don’t want to be monitored and controlled like in kindergarten. Eating out (in the evening) on-campus is worthwhile, a meeting point for everyone.

Getting there:

I only arrived on Sunday (university started on Monday) – never again! There is so much to organize, the best thing to do is to land on the Saturday before the university begins. Make sure that you do everything that has to do with living (cell phone, shopping, cleaning and shopping) before the university starts. Getting scripts etc. takes time. We missed it and had a lot of stress the first week.

Rental car:

The best tariffs are available at the airport:
The prices are without taxes and without insurance! The insurance that is offered on the website is expensive, it is cheaper if you buy insurance when you pick it up.


Very cool invention. Can be ordered online.

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