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Australia Marsupials

Australia Marsupials

Notable in this large group of typically Australian mammals are kangaroos and wallabies. Many species spend all or part of their lives in trees, and have also developed adaptations to the living conditions of European...

Australia Economy

Australia Economy

Business Despite its early independence in 1901, Australia had the character of a colonial agricultural country for a long time and its economic structure was largely geared towards the needs of Great Britain. Only...

Bond University

Bond University Student Review

Before departure The best way to apply to Bond University is through an organization like top-medical-schools.com, which will help you with all the important application steps. Pay tuition fees: The Study Abroad tuition fees...

australia population - fertility rate

Australia Overview

As an industrialized country, Australia has a well-developed research landscape. The primary goal is the strategic positioning as a high-tech location in Asia. Population / geography Country name Commonwealth of Australia Capital Canberra Land...