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Alberta, Canada

Places to Visit in Alberta, Canada

The very diverse province of Alberta is very nice to visit. Nice villages and towns alternate pleasantly with the impressive nature in this area of ​​the Rocky Mountains. Many tourists follow the famous Icefields...

Saint Marys University Student Review

Saint Marys University Student Review

In the summer of 2009, I had the opportunity to do a short semester abroad during my bachelor’s degree at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich. During my online research I...

Saint Marys University 5

Saint Marys University Student Review

Planning Since my degree program (International Cultural and Business Studies) includes a semester abroad, it was clear to me from the start that I would spend my fifth semester abroad. Despite the large number...

canada population - fertility rate

Canada Overview

Canada is an increasingly important partner in education and research collaboration among developed countries. Topics of common interest here are above all energy, medical research, bio- and nanotechnology as well as environmental and Arctic...