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Travel to China

Travel to China

For centuries, China has fascinated the whole world as a distant and exotic country. China’s ancient magic is extremely well preserved, and lots of tourists are attracted every year by the vast empire. The...

Masters in China

Masters in China

Those who have a bachelor’s degree are often faced with the decision: career entry or further studies? Many students decide to take on a master’s degree. Almost five percent of all German Bachelor graduates...


Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong is the realm of skyscrapers. The bustling metropolis of Hong Kong is full of attractions, shopping malls and restaurants, but also tradition and unspoilt nature. Among skyscrapers and human bustle, Hong Kong...

china population - fertility rate

China Overview

Germany is China’s most important trading partner within the EU. China is continuously expanding its research and development (R&D) capacities, in particular by means of sharply increasing spending and parallel training of R&D personnel....