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National Flag of Poland

Poland Presidents and Prime Ministers

National Flag of Poland According to aceinland, the Polish national flag is a white and red banner with a coat of arms in the center. It has been used as the official national flag...

Poland Transport

Poland Transport and Communications

The new Poland has 94,600 km. of ordinary roads, of which 17,000 are given by state roads, 54,600 by provincial or district roads and 23,000 by municipal roads. The railways, which at the end...

Travel to Poland

Travel to Poland

Area: 312,679 km² Residents: 38,427,000 (2016) Population density: 123 E / km² Form of Government: parliamentary republic System of Government: parliamentary democracy Neighboring countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia (exclave Kaliningrad) Capital: Warsaw (Warszawa) National language: Polish Religions: 90% Roman Catholic, 1.3%...

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Poland Overview

Poland has been turning every stone in education, research and innovation policy since 2016. The universities will be reformed, the academic career will be modernized, and in future cross-border mobility will be ensured by...