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Murmansk, Russia

Climate and Weather of Murmansk, Russia

The climate of Murmansk According to topschoolsintheusa.com, Murmansk (Мурманск) is located in northwestern Russia on the Barents Sea, in the European part of the country. Murmansk is located on the Kola Peninsula and is...

Rudnya, Russia

Rudnya, Russia

Not far from the border with Belarus, 68 km northwest of Smolensk, is the city of Rudnya. It originated near mining sites in the 19th century. In the city, the guards mortar “Katyusha”, the...

Russia During the Petersburg Period 3

Russia During the Petersburg Period (1703-1917) Part III

Internal conflicts, revolutionary movement and the overthrow of tsarist rule Tsarism failed because of the unresolved internal conflicts. Since about 1890, as a result of the railway construction, the protective tariff policy of the...

Russia During the Petersburg Period 2

Russia During the Petersburg Period (1703-1917) Part II

Foreign policy and restorative order after the victory over Napoleon Since the Congress of Vienna (1815), Alexander I, as the initiator of the Holy Alliance with Prince Metternich, became the guardian of the monarchical...

Russia During the Petersburg Period 1

Russia During the Petersburg Period (1703-1917) Part I

The reign of Peter the Great The Great Northern War (1700–21), unleashed by Peter I the Great (1682 / 96–1725), which finally replaced Sweden as supreme power in the Baltic Sea and paved the...

russia population - fertility rate

Russia Overview

The scientific cooperation between Germany and Russia can look back on a centuries-old tradition. The “German-Russian Roadmap for Cooperation in Education, Science, Research and Innovation” agreed in 2018 forms a comprehensive basis for continuing...