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Sweden Literature - The Catholic Middle Ages

Sweden Literature – The Catholic Middle Ages

Origins. – The origins of Swedish literature are lost in the complex ethnic-linguistic cultural unity of the ancient Nordic world. Modern philology has managed, with patient investigation, to trace the elements scattered throughout the...

Sweden Modern History

Sweden Modern History

Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden. Scandinavian country in Northern Europe that is part of the European Union (EU). It is bordered to the north by Norway and Finland, to the east by Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia, to the south...

Sweden Business

Sweden Business

Energy industry Sweden has no significant oil and coal reserves; Oil, coal and natural gas have to be imported. The energy sources biomass, wind and water power, which make up around 40% of the...

sweden population - fertility rate

Sweden Overview

Sweden has a long history of extensive support for research and development (R&D). Sweden is currently far ahead in terms of investments in a European comparison. Accordingly, the Scandinavian country has been one of...