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According to ejiaxing, Bennington County, Vermont is a county located in the southwestern part of the state. It was established in 1761 from part of the original Bennington Grant and was named after Governor Benning Wentworth, who granted the land to settlers. The county is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, New York to the west, and Vermont’s own Rutland and Windsor counties to the north and east. Bennington County has a total area of 655 square miles, making it one of Vermont’s larger counties. The area that would become Bennington County has a long history dating back to pre-colonial times. Native Americans had been living in the region for thousands of years prior to European settlement. The first Europeans arrived in 1609 when Samuel de Champlain explored the area and charted Lake Champlain. By 1760, settlers began arriving in what would become Bennington County and established small farms along its many rivers and streams. In 1761, Governor Wentworth officially formed Bennington County out of land granted by him as part of his New Hampshire Grants program. This included lands that had been previously inhabited by Native American tribes such as Mahican, Abenaki, Pennacook, Sokoki, Nulhegan and others who had been living there for centuries prior to European settlement. Many of these tribes were forcibly relocated into upstate New York during this time as well as other parts of New England during this period known as Indian Removal or “The Trail Of Tears” During the American Revolution, Bennington County was a hotbed for Revolutionary activity with many prominent battles taking place here including The Battle Of Bennington (1777). After gaining independence from Great Britain, residents began establishing towns within its boundaries such as Arlington (1762), Manchester (1784), Dorset (1780) and others which still stand today with much of their original architecture intact. Today, Bennington County is home to just over 36 thousand residents spread across its twenty-one townships each with their own unique character and charm drawing visitors from all over New England every year for outdoor recreation activities such as hiking on its many trails or skiing at Stratton Mountain Resort among others throughout all four seasons. With its rich history stretching back centuries before America became an independent nation combined with its natural beauty today makes it an ideal place to visit or call home. The Bennington County school district is comprised of 21 townships with a total student population of just over 6,000. Each town has its own elementary and middle school, while the high schools are shared among the towns. The towns of Bennington, Pownal, Arlington, Manchester, and Dorset each have their own high schools, while the other 16 towns send their students to one of these five schools. The Bennington County school district prides itself on offering a comprehensive education that prepares students for college and career readiness. All of the high schools offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes as well as dual enrollment opportunities with local colleges. Additionally, all five high schools boast robust extracurricular activities such as athletics and clubs. The district also has a strong commitment to providing students with an equitable learning environment that is safe and supportive for all students regardless of race or ethnicity. The district’s Equity & Inclusion Department works closely with administrators and teachers to ensure that all students have access to quality education and resources. This includes initiatives such as expanding access to technology in the classroom, providing additional support services for English language learners, and implementing restorative justice practices in order to reduce disciplinary disparities among minority groups. In addition to academics and extracurriculars, the Bennington County School District also offers a variety of social-emotional supports for its students including mental health services and substance abuse prevention programs. The district provides free counseling services through its Student Assistance Program (SAP) which helps connect struggling students with mental health professionals in their community who can provide them with support services such as individual or group counseling sessions or referrals to additional resources if needed. Overall, the Bennington County School District provides an excellent educational experience for its students by offering rigorous academics combined with an array of social-emotional supports aimed at ensuring each student has access to quality education regardless of race or ethnicity while fostering a safe learning environment where all members are treated equally with respect. Check ACT-TEST-CENTERS.COM to learn more about Vermont four years colleges.

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