Top 5 things to Do in Scotland

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According to top-medical-schools, Scotland is an incredible combination of wonderful natural landscapes and ancient buildings that have been perfectly preserved to this day. This country is a real treasure of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, because almost every city has amazing places, buildings and parks, museums and monuments. Find out which attractions in Scotland are the most popular among tourists.

Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Traveling around Scotland should definitely start with the famous Royal Mile. A walk through the old part of Edinburgh will open up a fresh look at the culture, traditions and history of Scotland. The huge one has become the starting point of the street, with a length of 1800 meters, and at the finish line you will find another wonderful creation of the human mind and hands – Holyrood Bridge.

On the central square of the city, thousands of years ago, the Inquisition did its “just cause”, and ordinary citizens built a bright future. It is here that you can visit the famous whiskey museum, and artisans still offer their kilts and blankets to this day.

Stirling Castle

The special atmosphere of the Middle Ages envelops the real defensive fortress of Stirling Castle. It is located on a huge dormant volcano in the area of ​​the same name. Here, every stone, every single part of the structure is saturated with the spirit of numerous battles and victories. In addition, the castle offers an incomparable view of the green expanses of Great Britain. This area is rightfully considered the best attraction in Scotland.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Another excellent creation of the British in the Baroque style is the Palace of Holyroodhouse. There are hundreds of fascinating stories about him. Since ancient times, this luxurious building belongs to the royal families. Now this is one of the favorite residences of the Queen of Great Britain, because it is within its walls that receptions and balls are held, as well as a knighting ceremony.

Despite such an official significance of the castle, it is open for tourists to visit. Its majestic halls house a permanent exhibition of historical cultural treasures and important symbols of the royal dynasty.


Thinking about what attractions there are in Scotland, it is worth noting the incredible beauty of the nature of the Inverpolly National Reserve. Trekking through the highlands of the northwestern remote part of Scotland will allow you to retire with untouched nature, enjoy the fresh mountain air and swim in the clear waters of small sandy lakes. Set off on an unforgettable week-long hike through Inverpolly for a real adventure.

Loch Ness lake

To complete the top five most interesting sights in Scotland, let’s go to visit the Lake Monster of the same name Loch Ness. This huge lake has been attracting tourists for half a century. In addition to bizarre “horror stories”, the guide will surely tell you a lot of historical facts about this area. Look here and suddenly you will be able to personally meet the mysterious Nessie.

Top 5 things to Do in Scotland

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