Tours to France

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Tours to France are undoubtedly the brightest and richest, the most attractive for travelers from Moscow and other regions, and have an attractive price for early bookings.

Holidays in France are wonderful both in winter and summer. In winter, the elements of dense snow and light frost reign here and, accordingly, the best ski resorts in the country (Espace Killy, Chamonix, Courchevel, Porte du Soleil) will take you into their arms. The Cote d’Azur in May-October will give you the pleasure of warm sand and clear water, and Paris is magnificent in spring and early autumn.

Hotels in France are royal luxury! Even the smallest hotels and guest houses will offer high-level service, restaurants will be able to please gourmets from all over the world!

Currency: Euro

Language: French

Capital: Paris

Perhaps the famous French playwright Henri de Bornier was right when he once remarked: “ Every person has two homelands – his own and France.” Indeed, any person has his own associations with this amazing country. Even if he has never been there. For some, this is a sensual melody of French chanson, flying over the lively Champs Elysees, Montmartre and the openwork arrow of the Eiffel Tower. Others have majestic castles in the Loire Valley, Versailles, which holds the age-old secrets of palace intrigues, or the sung Hugo Notre-Dame-de-Paris. Still others imagine the Mediterranean landscapes of the Côte d’Azur, bathed in the dazzling rays of the sun and the glory of world stars. Fourth – glamorous fashion shows, sophisticated luxury of Parisian gourmet restaurants and incendiary shows in “Moulin Rouge ” or “ Crazy Horse”. And someone sees himself on the snow-white beaches of the Atlantic, among the rocky shores of Brittany or against the backdrop of the snow-capped peaks of Mont Blanc… And all this is France, unique and multifaceted, like the world itself.

Here, historical places and literary associations, bohemian cafes and palaces, reality and fiction – everything is intertwined. The French capital is one of the largest and most spiritually significant cities in the world. Every week we organize trips to this unique city.


Strasbourg is a beautiful old city in the north-east of France, almost on the very border with Germany. Until the 6th century, Strasbourg was called Argentorat, which can be translated from the Celtic dialect as “a fortress in the riverbed.” The modern name of the city comes from the German word Straßburg, which literally translates as “city by the road.”

Strasbourg is one of the most important tourist centers in France, thanks to its rich historical past, reflected in the city’s architecture and unique museum expositions, as well as the current status of the “parliamentary capital” of the European Union.


Toulouse is one of the most ancient and interesting cities for tourists in France. It began its life in the 3rd century BC as a Celtic settlement. Modern Toulouse, the sights of this city, its friendly residents and excellent tourist infrastructure today attract travelers from all over the world like a magnet.

Most of the architectural sights of this city were built of red brick for many centuries. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, this material was considered a sign of luxury and high status in society. And today, this “red” architecture gives Toulouse a special charm and sophistication that tourists love so much.


The most “starry” and fashionable of all the resorts of the Atlantic, Biarritz, located on the border of France and Spain, has been happily leading the parade of fashionable ocean resorts for several centuries. Despite nine centuries of history, its brilliance, youth and charm do not fade away: Biarritz is magnificent in its ability to receive and entertain guests like a king.

The special spirit of the resort is given by its vibrant cultural life – festivals, vernissages, world premieres, fashion shows, concerts, legendary shows. Here every day turns into a holiday – and the incomparable taste of the ocean in the air, like sparkling wine, fills the whole being with a premonition of joy.

Having strengthened your strength with the help of sea procedures, you will enjoy traveling around Aquitaine – the land of the ancient Basques, one of the four Roman provinces of Gaul, especially famous for its magical wines.

You will be happy to join the aristocratic sports activities – horseback riding, golf, tennis and surfing.

And finally, you will be able to appreciate the collection of boutiques and world-famous shopping houses that Biarritz is justly proud of.

If the time has come for you to arrange a beautiful holiday for yourself, extracting maximum pleasure and benefit from every minute, sunny Biarritz will meet and exceed the most optimistic expectations of the most sophisticated and ambitious guests

The unique climate, endless sandy beaches, the powerful energy of the ocean, the atmosphere of a luxurious and peaceful flow of life make Biarritz a worthy place not only for a restorative vacation, but also for social pastime. You can visit the Museum of History (collections of paintings and personal belongings of the imperial families), the Maritime Museum, numerous cathedrals, including the Russian Orthodox Church of the Intercession and various monuments.

You will have a fascinating journey to the neighboring town of Bayonne, built in the Romanesque and medieval style, visiting the vineyards of Bran with a tasting of local wine, visits to the castles of Echoz and Baigori, famous for their collection of weapons, many stops in picturesque corners where you can taste traditional Basque cuisine.

Be sure to make an inspiring trip to Saint Jean de Luz (the fishermen’s port, Ravel’s house, Chaliapin’s villa), to the Urtubi castle with a collection of carpets and furniture of the 16th century, cross the border with Spain on a ship heading towards Fontarabi, relax on the embankment of the legendary San Sebastian.

Biarritz will surprise you with unforgettable nightlife – two casinos, numerous nightclubs, discos and bars.


Time: MW – 2 hours

Transport: 2 hours from the international airports Cointrin in Geneva and Saint Exupéry in Lyon, half an hour from the Moûtiers Salins railway station.

Courchevel is not only respectable and refined, but also multifaceted. Firstly, because the resort is spread over five different heights, and, secondly, because each of the five resort towns is unique in its atmosphere and enchanting mountain landscapes. Another advantage of the famous resort, in addition to skiing, is the rich opportunities for recreation and entertainment. At the same time, Courchevel not only meets the highest requirements of guests, but also constantly tries to surprise them. And the concept of “service à la carte”, based on the highest quality of services, acquires its full meaning here. So…

5 heights, 5 atmospheres and charm everywhere

Courchevel is spread over five levels, which are revealed during your journey along the steep bends of the most beautiful mountain roads… The town of Saint-Bon (Saint-Bon) – the birthplace of Courchevel, is located at an altitude of 1100 m. The history of Courchevel begins right here, in this once small alpine village. Le Lac Bleu, the first hotel built in the resort, has been welcoming guests since 1925. Although there are no ski lifts in Sainte-Bon, a free shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes from here to the center of the ski area, and you can return on skis along the “red” slopes.

Courchevel 1300 – the unassuming charm of Le Praz
A traditional mountain village with cozy houses, chalets and winding narrow streets, Le Praz carefully preserves its unique character and special spirit. The majestic hills with the Olympic jumps are a real mecca for ski jumping enthusiasts, while those who want to enjoy skiing through the dense alpine forests have a direct connection to Courchevel 1850.

Courchevel 1550 – for the young at heart
This family-friendly resort offers great value for money. A quick direct connection to Courchevel 1850 and the entire 3 Valleys ski area, as well as a toboggan run starting at 1850 m and ending at 1550 m – a ride that will bring genuine joy to you and your children!

Courchevel 1650 – Moriond, where the atmosphere of the holiday reigns
The first ski lift was installed in Moriond (the original name of the height where this resort is located). Most of the pistes at Courchevel 1650 are green and blue, and the combination of the two pistes makes the resort especially popular with families. Conviviality and socializing are the keywords for Courchevel 1650, thanks to the many great places for picnics and après-ski.

Courchevel 1850 – a real gem
Courchevel 1850 can only be described in superlatives. It is a resort for the elite, a favorite vacation spot for stars, a center of international fame, and the exclusive level of the local luxury establishments extends to all the resorts of Courchevel.

Tours to France

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