Umag, Croatia

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Umag is the westernmost city in Croatia. It is close to other major cities of Croatia: Novigrad, Vrsar, Rovinj. No less close are the Italian cities of Trieste and Venice, as well as the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. So, rest in Umag can be combined with a tour of famous European cities. Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Croatia.

The symbol of this resort is a tennis racket. It hosts the annual Croatia Open tennis tournament of the ATP series. Therefore, in Umag there are excellent conditions for practicing the favorite sport of the first president of Russia.

Phone numbers

8-10-385-52-phone number

How to get there

The modern tourist center Umag is located near the border with Slovenia, 80 km from the airport. The closest international airport to Umag is in Pula, 80 km away. Russian airlines operate charter flights here throughout the holiday season, and from the airport you can get to the resort by taxi or bus. However, an intercity bus can also be used to travel around Croatia, this type of transport is very well developed here. Yes, and to Italy with Slovenia, you can go by bus. It is advisable to include Umag in the route of an independent car trip around Europe, you just need to take into account the specifics of the organization of traffic in Croatia, due to the fact that there are many toll roads.

Hotels and restaurants

Umag is a modern tourist center, the infrastructure of which is focused on receiving a large number of tourists. A network of well-equipped hotels, private apartments, bungalows and villas, campsites – all this attracts a large number of travelers. I must say that almost all hotels in Umag offer not only accommodation and meals, but also a variety of excursion and entertainment programs designed for vacationers of all ages, including children. Numerous restaurants and cafes are ready to offer an international menu, a Croatian menu and just fast food, the number of adherents of which is not decreasing, despite its obvious harm to health. Of course, each restaurant is ready to offer a solid selection of seafood dishes prepared in the traditions of Croatian cuisine, that is, with minimal heat treatment, vegetables.

Umag hotels are connected to the city by a special tourist road train.

Umag beaches

On the coast of Zadar, stretching for 20 km, there are many rocky and platform beaches, bays, small ports, comfortable hotels, apartments and bungalows. Basically platforms. Almost all hotels have their own sports centers offering scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, cycling, various team games.

The beaches belonging to the hotels are distinguished by the fact that they are usually equipped with a shower. There are several nudist beaches in the vicinity of the city.

Entertainment and attractions in Umag

You can relax from the beach by visiting the numerous sights and just walking along the picturesque streets. The old part of the city has many architectural monuments, the most famous of which is the Church of St. Roque, built in 1514 after the plague. The sights can also include numerous restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine, located in the Old Town, as well as towns in the vicinity of Umag, known for their “grape harvest holidays”.

It is also worth visiting the Museum of the city and the ruins of the ancient fort Sipar on a small peninsula in the neighborhood. The remains of walls and towers, narrow winding streets, irregularly shaped squares have remained since the Middle Ages. The Renaissance gave the city buildings in the Baroque style. The surroundings of Umag are also famous for numerous sights: 7 km from it are the village of Lovrecice with very beautiful baroque churches and the village with the amazing name of Sveta Marina na Krasu, famous for the Church of the Immaculate Virgin (XVI century).

Umag, Croatia

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