US 67 and 69 in Iowa

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US 67 in Iowa

US 67
Begin Davenport
End Sabula
Length 55 mi
Length 89 km





According to foodezine, US 67 is a US Highway in the US state of Iowa. The road forms a north-south route from Davenport to Sabula, along the Mississippi River. US 67 is 89 kilometers long in Iowa.

Travel directions

US 67 north of Clinton.

US 67 enters the state of Iowa via the Centennial Bridge and then reaches the center of the city of Davenport. The route leads east through Bettendorf, as the city road of this urban area. One crosses Interstate 74 and Interstate 80. The route heads north along the Mississippi River and is a regular single-lane road, only a short double numbering with US 30 at Clinton has 2×2 lanes for a while. US 67 ends at Sabula on US 52.


US 67 was created in 1926, but was not yet passing through Iowa at the time. This first happened in 1934 when US 67 was extended from Rock Island, Illinois to Dubuque. In 1967, the northern section was shortened to Sabula, to avoid unnecessary double numbering with US 67, and US 61 already formed a direct north-south route from Davenport to Dubuque. The route was not paved when it was created, it was not until 1955 that the entire US 67 was a paved road. The Rock Island Centennial Bridge over the Mississippi River opened to traffic on July 12, 1940. Until 2003 this was a toll bridge.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 3,900 to 5,200 vehicles drive between Bettendorf and Clinton and 2,000 vehicles between Clinton and Sabula. The Rock Island Centennial Bridge handles 32,000 vehicles.

US 69 in Iowa

US 69
Get started lamoni
End Lake Mills
Length 224 mi
Length 360 km





Des Moines






Forest City

Lake Mills


According to bittranslators, US 69 is a US Highway in the US state of Iowa. The road forms a north-south route through the center of the state, paralleling Interstate 35 and passing through the state capital, Des Moines. The route is 360 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 69 at Lake Mills in northern Iowa.

US 69 in Missouri comes from Kansas City and crosses the border into Iowa at Lamoni. In southern Iowa, US 69 and Interstate 35 run parallel to each other for a short distance. US 69 has a somewhat secondary character and is a single-lane road on almost the entire route in southern Iowa. The road goes through Osceola and then reaches a double number with US 65 from Indianola. Between Indianola and Des Moines the road is a 2×2 divided highway.

At the edge of the capital Des Moines one crosses the State Route 5, here also the US 65 turns off and the US 69 forms an urban arterial through Des Moines. US 69 runs along the east side of downtown and has a bridge over the Des Moines River. There are also connections to Interstate 235 and Interstate 80. Next, US 69 runs through the center of the large suburb of Ankeny north of Des Moines.

North of Des Moines, US 69 is again a single-lane road parallel to I-35. After more than 30 kilometers you reach the university town of Ames, where the US 69 runs right through the center. After Ames, there is another 180 kilometers of US 69 through the countryside of central and northern Iowa, there are no larger towns on this route. In northern Iowa, US 69 temporarily extends somewhat further from I-35, via Garner and Forest City. After Lake Mills, the border with Minnesota follows, after which US 69 in Minnesota continues to Albert Lea.


US 69 was created in 1926, its northern terminus at the time in Leon, southern Iowa. Only a small portion of US 69 then ran through the state of Iowa. In 1934, the route was extended north to the capital, Des Moines. In 1935 a further extension to Albert Lea, Minnesota followed, establishing the route through Iowa. US 69 is one of the major north-south routes in the state of Iowa, although it does not serve any major cities other than Des Moines, only Ames is of any importance. Between 1958 and 1975 Interstate is 35constructed parallel to US 69, eliminating the throughway importance of the route. US 69 often runs within 10 miles of I-35, only in northern Iowa the distance is slightly greater at 20 miles.

Traffic intensities

The southern portion of US 69 is fairly quiet with between 1,000 and 1,400 vehicles per day. The double numbering with US 65 to Des Moines is somewhat busier with 19,000 vehicles. Up to Ames there are 8,400 vehicles and descending to 1,300 north of it. About 2,000 vehicles cross the Minnesota border every day.

US 69 in Iowa

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