Utah Community Colleges

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Community colleges, formerly known as junior colleges, are 2-year higher education institutions that provide postsecondary courses leading to certificate and associate degree as a pathway to a four-year degree. Below is a list of all community colleges in the state of Utah. For each college, you will see the name of current president, website URL,  street address, phone number, postal code and city location.  See Countryaah.com for the list of all cities and towns in Utah.

  • Searchforpublicschools.com:  Offers a list of all public K12 schools in Utah by county, including elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.
Salt Lake Community College
CEO/President: Cynthia  Bioteau
Web Address: slcc.edu
Address: 4600 South Redwood Road  PO Box 30808
City: Salt Lake City
Zip: 84130-0808
State: UT
Phone: 8019574226


Snow College
CEO/President: Michael T.  Benson
Web Address: snow.edu
Address: 150 East College Avenue
City: Ephraim
Zip: 84627
State: UT
Phone: 4352837000

Snow College

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