What to See in Zabljak (Montenegro)

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Zabljak is located in the foothills of the Durmitor mountain range at an altitude of 1450 m above sea level. Here you can practice many extreme sports: rafting, canyoning, rock climbing, paragliding, skiing. And for lovers of active, but not extreme recreation, cycling, horseback riding and hiking are suitable.

Despite the fact that the Durmitor mountain range is small, its nature is unique and very rich. A large part of the massif is a national park, including the canyons of the Tara, Draga and Susica rivers, as well as the upper part of the Komarnica river valley. Since 1977 Tara river canyondeclared by UNESCO a biosphere reserve, and since 1980 Durmitor has been included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. 7 ecosystems have been identified on the territory of the park: a relict fir-spruce forest near the Mlynsky (Melnichny) stream, a pine forest near Chernaya Poda, the canyons of the Tara and Sushitsa rivers; Black, Barnoe and Zaboyskoye lakes with adjacent forests. The main difference of the relief of Durmitor is that it is a plateau lying at an altitude of 1500 m, indented by deep canyons of rivers. 48 peaks have a height of more than 2000 m. The highest peak is Bobotov Kuk (2522 m). There are 18 glacial lakes in the Durmitor massif, the most famous of them are: Black, Snake, Barnoe, Blue, Rybye, Sushitskoye and Skrsky lakes. Tara┬áriver canyon- the deepest and longest in Europe. The height of the walls in the canyon can reach 1300 m, and its length is about 100 km. Tourist firms offer mainly rafts (rubber boats) or wooden rafts, but the Tara River is also of interest to canoeists and kayakers. You can start rafting in Splavist, Radovan Luke and Brstnovice, and usually finish it in the village of Szczepan Pole. Going down the river from Splaviste, you can see numerous waterfalls and springs, a bridge over the Tara and the deepest part of the canyon at Mount Churevac. The one-day route starts in Brstnovice, from here it is 18 km to the village of Szczepan Pole, a distance that is covered in 2 – 3 hours. On this section of the river, 21 out of 50 rapids and rapids of the rafting section of the Tara River are located.

According to ELECTRONICSENCYCLOPEDIA.COM, Canyon Nevidio – a unique result of soil erosion. For millions of years, the small river Komarnica has sharpened stone, and today the depth of Nevidio reaches 300 meters, with a width of up to 1 meter in some places. The length of the canyon is about 4 km. The canyon was first climbed by humans in 1964, and today fewer people have been there than at the top of Everest. The passage of the canyon consists mainly of jumping from waterfalls about 3 meters high and swimming in the icy mountain water. This type of extreme recreation is called canyoning. Wetsuits and shoes are required. High wear of wetsuits on rocks is one of the reasons for the high cost of this route.

The three main ski slopes of the resort – these are Savin Kuk, Stutz and Yavorovacha. The descent from the top of Savin Kuk starts at an altitude of 2313 m, the elevation difference is 750 m. The length of the main route is 3500 m, the slopes are served by 2 chair lifts, 4 rope tows and 2 children’s lifts. The length of the main descent on Stutz is a little less – 2630 m, but it is much more interesting. The descents from Javorovaci are very short – 800 m. There are 2 ski lifts and 1 children’s lift on this slope. At the resort you can find everything you need for skiing: rental, schools with experienced instructors and rescue service. On the slopes of Durmitor, the national championship in skiing, the Angel Cup and the Durmitor Cup are held. Snow cover in the Durmitor massif lasts 120 days a year from December to April. These places are good for freeriding, that is, for riding on untouched snow, on virgin soil.

The Durmitor massif attracts speleologists from all over the world. There are many caves here, and many of them have not yet been explored. Here are the deepest caves in Montenegro. More than 300 objects of interest to speleologists are known in the massif; stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes can be found in the caves. One of the most famous caves, the Ice Cave is located near Mount Obla Glava at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level. Climbers and climbers will find difficult rock routes in the local mountains. You can wander around the surroundings without having a solid climbing experience behind you. You can go to the mountains all year round, but the most favorable weather is from mid-June to mid-September.

Zabljak (Montenegro)

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