US 10 and 12 in Michigan

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US 10 in Michigan

US 10
Get started Ludington
End Bay City
Length 147 mi
Length 237 km


Reed City









North Bradley



Stark Road

Midland North

Waldo Avenue

Midland East

Midland Road




According to ablogtophone, US 10 is a US Highway in the US state of Michigan. The road forms an east-west route in the middle of the state and runs from Ludington to Bay City. The eastern portion is a freeway, the state’s northernmost east-west highway. The total route is 237 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The terminus of US 10 in Bay City.

The road begins in Ludington, where it crosses US 31, which runs from Muskegon to Manistee. US 10 then runs as a single-lane highway through wooded areas to the east. At Reed City, you cross US 131, the highway from Grand Rapids to Cadillac. After 50 kilometers the US 10 becomes a highway itself and at Clare you cross the US 127, the highway from Lansing to Grayling. US 10 then heads southeast and passes the town of Midland. Just before Bay City, you cross Interstate 75, the highway from Detroit to Sault Ste. Mary. Not far after that, US 10 ends in Bay City.


Woodward Avenue in Detroit in 1942, then part of US 10.

US 10 was created in 1926. The eastern terminus has long been Detroit. In 1987 the eastern terminus was changed to the more northerly Bay City. The first stretches of highway opened in 1960 and 1961, at Bay City and between Clare and Midland. In 1975, the westernmost stretch of highway between Farwell and Clare opened.

Lake Michigan Car Ferry Service

The Lake Michigan Carferry Service is a ferry service across Lake Michigan from Ludington, Michigan to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This is a 100-kilometer sailing route that takes about four hours. It is the longest domestic ferry service in the United States. The ferry service only operates from May to October.

The ferry service was established in 1953 and was owned by the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway as a train service. From Ludington they originally sailed to three destinations in Wisconsin, namely Milwaukee, Manitowoc and Kewaunee. Ferries to Milwaukee and Manitowoc were discontinued in 1972. There was then only the route from Ludington to Kewaunee left. This route was also discontinued in 1990.

In 1991 ferry service was reactivated between Ludington and Manitowoc, this time as the Lake Michigan Carferry Service, without a train component. The ferry SS Badger has been converted for this purpose to only transport motor vehicles. The SS Badger is special because it is the last coal-fired ferry on the Great Lakes and in 2016 the boat was awarded National Historic Landmark status.

Traffic intensities

The road is quite quiet with about 5,000 vehicles on the non-highway section. The highway section is somewhat busier, increasing from 9,000 vehicles at Clare to 37,000 at Bay City.

US 12 in Michigan

US 12
Get started michiana
End Detroit
Length 209 mi
Length 336 km


New Buffalo


White Pigeon


cold water


Cement City


Ann Arboro





According to beautyphoon, US 12 is a US Highway in the US state of Michigan. The road forms an east-west route through the south of the state, from Michiana on the Indiana border to downtown Detroit. The route is 336 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Southern Michigan

US 12 in Indiana crosses the Michigan border in Michiana and comes from Chicago. The road then continues through Chicago ‘s last suburbs and crosses Interstate 94 at New Buffalo. The road then runs due east through a fairly flat area with agricultural fields and small forests. At the town of Niles you cross the US 31. Around Niles, US 12 forms a grade – separated 2×2 lane bypass. The road then continues east, a short distance from the Indiana border. There are many small lakes in this area. Large places are not on the route here. TheInterstate 80 in Indiana is only four miles south. The road is then briefly double -numbered with US 131. From the town of Sturgis, the road curves slightly northeast and then reaches Interstate 69 at Coldwater. The landscape here is formed by a grid pattern of small roads with an intersection every mile. In the village of Somerset follows an intersection with US 127 and US 223 from Toledo also ends here. The road then continues its route east through gently rolling farmland, then crosses US 23 and Interstate 94 just south of Ann Arbor.


Ann Arbor is a fairly large town west of Detroit, but not yet attached directly to the Detroit metropolitan area. Downtown Detroit is another 60 kilometers to the east. Along Ypsilanti, the road is briefly double-numbered with I-94, after which US 12 forms a wide 2×2 lane boulevard through Detroit’s western suburbs. The first suburb is Canton. It also crosses Interstate 275, Detroit’s western bypass. The road then follows the course of a small river, continuing into Detroit. West of Dearborn, it crosses US 24, the wide 6- to 8-lane Telegraph Road. In Dearborn one also crosses the SR-39, the Southfield Freeway, a north-south highway from Allen Park to Southfield, through the western boroughs of Detroit. One then enters the city of Detroit itself and crosses Interstate 94 for the last time. The US 12 is then a wide urban arterial with 4 to 6 lanes. The environment is rapidly changing from detached houses to dilapidated buildings and empty lots that once housed houses, a phenomenon called ‘Urban Prairie’ that is occurring all over Detroit. The US 12 even has 8 lanes and runs through empty areas, in the middle of Detroit. One then crosses the Interstate 75. It then crosses SR-10, the Lodge Freeway that runs to Southfield in the northwest. The US 12 then ends in downtown Detroit.


US 12 was created in 1926. The eastern terminus has always been Detroit, with only minor changes to the exact terminus in downtown Detroit in subsequent years. It is now the only US Highway that still runs through Downtown Detroit. As early as 1942, the first section of what would later become I-94 was opened in Detroit. During the 1960s, the rest of I-94 opened, with the last missing link opening in 1972, completely eliminating the through-going importance of US 12.

Traffic intensities

The road handles quite a bit of traffic, with about 5,000 to 8,000 vehicles per day outside Detroit. In Detroit, the road is much busier, with up to 50,000 vehicles on the 8-lane ground level section.

US 12 in Michigan

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